Office Hours

Monday - Friday, 3:00 - 5:00 p.m.

Please note that these hours are only during the Harvard academic school year. Our office is not open on breaks or holidays during the school year or during the summer. In order to contact us during these times, please email us.

Phone: (617) 302-6653


Mail Address

Harvard Yearbook Publications
P.O. Box 380002
Cambridge, MA 02238

Express Mail Only

Harvard Yearbook Publications
2 Brattle Square, Second Floor
Cambridge, MA 02138


The yearbook office is notoriously difficult to find.

If you're walking from the...

Yard/River: Go to the Coop. Walk towards Brattle Street (towards Chipotle's). Turn right on Brattle, then immediately cross the street to go down the alleyway between Eastern Bank and Brattle Theater.

Quad: Go to Brattle Street by cutting through the Admissions. Walk until you reach Brattle Theater. Turn right into small alleyway.

The office is at 2 Brattle Square, second floor of the building at the small alleyway.