Current Editions

Harvard Yearbook Publications is responsible for the creation and production of the Senior Yearbook as well as the Freshman Register (also known as the Facebook). The Freshman Register is an extremely useful hardbound reference book for freshmen that contains photographs, addresses, and secondary schools of class members.

2014 Yearbook

The Harvard Yearbook for the class of 2014 is no longer available for purchasing. If you are still interested in ordering, please come back after September to purchase past editions.

2018 Freshmen Register

The Freshmen Register, also known as the Facebook, compiles images and information from the incoming freshmen class so that students may get to intimately know their student body at the beginning of the Harvard experience.

Class of 2018 Freshmen Registers are no longer available for preorders. Please contact for obtaining a book.

Past Editions

Thank you for your interest in purchasing past Harvard Yearbooks or Freshman Registers. The yearbook office does not handle shipping for past yearbook orders during the summer. Please come back and place your order after September.

Event Photographers for Hire

The Harvard Yearbook Photography Board prides itself in training college students in advanced photography skills. Students undergo a rigorous, semester long training with professional photographers and student photographers. Training includes a wide variety of equipment and photography situations – including low light photography and fast photography. Equipped with a unique point of view, all of our photographers strive to get the “money winning shot”, to have their photography represent an event or group in the best way possible and now we’re offering that service to you, for any event, group or outing you might want photographed. Contact us for more information!

Photo Usage Rights

Harvard Yearbook Publications offers licenses to the media for one-time usage rights to photographs from published Yearbooks. Such rights cost $75 per photograph, and requests should be made directly to our office via email at In your email, please use the subject line "Photograph Request" and include the following information for each photo requested:

  1. Photograph requested
  2. Intended use of request photograph
  3. Date by which photograph is needed
  4. Phone number and email address of requester
  5. Completed licensing agreement [PDF]

Harvard Yearbook Publications works in conjunction with the Harvard Archives to provide such requested photographs. We require a signed licensing agreement for all one-time usage rights purchases. Upon processing of your order, we will send you an invoice, with payment due within thirty (30) days of receipt and refer you to the appropriate contact at the Harvard Archives for subsequent scanning and distribution of the photograph.

Please note that fees charged by the Harvard Archives for processing costs are separate from fees charged by Harvard Yearbook Publications for usage rights.