Group Photosittings and Description

Please fill out the form below in order to reserve your space in the 2018 Yearbook, Harvard 382. This information will appear next to your organization's group photo. Note that filling out this form alone does not reserve your organization's spot in the yearbook; your organization must also have a group photo.

Final changes to this form will be accepted only until November 17th, 2017 11:59PM. If you need to modify your information after you have already submitted the form, please complete and submit this form again and your new information will replace your previous submission.

When filling out this form, please keep in mind that each submission is carefully reviewed by staff. Harvard Yearbook Publications reserves the right to edit your submission.

Group Name

The groups listed below are officially endorsed each year by the Office of Student Life and the Harvard Athletics Department. If you cannot find your name in the list, please email for assistance.

Due to publication constraints, the word "Harvard" will be included in the name of the student group ONLY if the activity is a media or publication. If you prefer to use an acronym rather than the full name, please email with your request.

Group Photo: Book a Photositting -OR- Email One to Us

A picture is required in order to appear in the Harvard Yearbook. You may email a high-resolution group photo to The photo submissions are due November 17th, 2017 11:59PM.

OR you may schedule a photositting: Yearbook is partnering with Lifetouch to offer free group photosittings at the Yearbook Office from Tuesday, October 25th - Friday, October 28th (5pm-9pm).

Almost all organizations bring only board members, but if you intend to bring a group larger than 30 people, please let us know in advance by emailing

Please continue adding group details below.

Officer Information

In the space below, enter your organization's officer information in order of decreasing importance. They will appear in the yearbook in the following format:
President: John Harvard; Vice President: Jane Doe. 

We need an up-to-date list of the group's board members.  If you feel that the board that immediately preceded the current one is more representative of the graduating class, you may submit that one instead.  Please only include official board positions.  Note that the officer listing may be edited due to space limitations, especially if your organization submits a list of 15 or more officers.

Officer list:

Brief Organization Description (Max of 500 Characters)

This blurb can address briefly what the group is all about as well as any new or interesting events for the group that distinguish this school year or the contributions by members of the graduating class.